Published Mar 3. 2021 - 2 years ago

Red Tag Intruder

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Martin Joergensen
Pattern type: 
Steelhead fly
Skill level/difficulty: 
A little difficult
  1. Do not trim the shank, but leave the surplus to mount in the vise.
  2. Position the shank so that about 3 centimeters stick out in front of the jaws.
  3. Cut an 8-10 centimeter piece of wire.
  4. Thread the wire double through the hook eye and loop around the shank to form a straight wire connection.
  5. Start wrapping thread on the rear of the shank.
  6. Lay the doubled wire along the shank and tie down in the full shank length with touching turns and return the thread to the rear of the shank.
  7. Trim off the excess wire.
  8. Varnish or glue the thread, wire and shank and let dry.
  9. Cut a number of 1 centimeter pieces of red yarn – 6-8 pieces should do.
  10. Tie them in so that they protrude to the rear, distributing them around the shank.
  11. Pull them back in a bunch and trim them.
  12. Brush the yarn open and fluffy with stiff brush or a Velcro stick.
  13. Tie in 8-10 single barbs of red Amherst pheasant, forming a very open collar of “feelers”. These can be fairly long and reach the hook or beyond.
  14. Tie in the herl right in front of the tail.
  15. Twist the tying thread and the herl to form a rope, clockwise when seen from above.
  16. Grab both thread and herl and wrap forward in touching turns. If the rope gets too tight, let it unravel a bit before wrapping on.
  17. Tie down the herl and trim excess.
  18. Prepare the brown hackle by removing the fluffy barbs. The barbs should be about the shank length.
  19. Tie in by the stem, curved side forward and wrap 2-3 times forming a swept back collar.
  20. Tie down and trim.
  21. Tie in 8-10 single barbs of tan Amherst pheasant, distributing them around the hackle, forming a very open collar. The barbs should be longer than the hackle.
  22. Form a head, whip finish and trim.
  23. Varnish to give a glossy surface.
  24. Remove the shank from the vise and cut off the part of the shank sticking out under the wire using a pair of side cutting pliers.
DIY hair pin shank
Red intruder wire
Stinger size 4
8/0 black
Red wool yarn
Rear collar
Lady Amherst pheasant fibers dyed red
6-8 peacock herl
Front hackle
Light brown cock hackle
Front collar
Lady Amherst pheasant fibers dyed tan

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