Published Mar 3. 2021 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Apr 7. 2021

Red Tag Klinkhåmer

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Hans van Klinken
Pattern type: 
A little difficult
  1. Start the red thread a couple of eye widths behind the hook eye.
  2. Wrap the thread in touching turns well into the bend of the hook and back. Repeat.
  3. Whip finish and cut the red thread.
  4. Start the black thread right in front of the red.
  5. Tie in the wing pointing forward over the eye, leaving a little bare shank in front. Make it fairly sparse. It can be too long since it will be trimmed later.
  6. Build up a small wall in front of the wing to get it perpendicular to the shank.
  7. Tie in a couple of peacock herl behind the wing, pointing to the rear of the fly.
  8. Wrap a thread base around the wing post, about 1-2 eye widths high.
  9. Strip barbs off the hackle to have some bare stem.
  10. Tie the hackle in by the stem on the top of the hook shank in front of the wing.
  11. The hackle should have the shiny side up and point away from you.
  12. Wrap the thread over the stem up the wing post base and wrap the thread down again.
  13. The hackle now sits at the top of the wing post base.
  14. Wrap the hackle down towards the hook, counterclockwise when seen from above.
  15. 4-5-6 wraps will create a fairly dense parachute hackle.
  16. Tie down the hackle in front of the wing and trim.
  17. Wrap the herl to create a thorax under the hackle.
  18. Tie down in front of the thorax, trim and whip finish.
  19. Add a smidgen of varnish on the finishing wraps.
Partridge Klinkhamer GRS 15ST #18
UNI 8/0 tying thread, red
Semplerfli Nanosilk, black
Antron yarn, white
Brown badger cock hackle, slightly oversize
A couple of peacock herl

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