Published Sep 1. 2015 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 1. 2017

S.L.S. - Sun Light Shrimp

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Chris Edghill
Pattern type: 
Cold saltwater fly
A little difficult
  1. Bend the hook up 1/3 back from the eye. This helps set up the right shape for the eyes and antenna.
  2. Cut to shape a 5-6 mm wide section of clear nymph skin or scud back 2 cm long and attach well round the bend to form the tail. Trim to spade shape.
  3. Dub on a ball of sand/ light grey colored rough dubbing to form the egg sack and gills.
  4. Leave a little space and dub on pink/darker sand or light brown dubbing to form the thorax area.
  5. Tie in the epoxy eyes, making shore that they have the right set. A little dubbing under them may help.
  6. Tie 12-15 strands of ultra hair and a few strands of crystal flash to match color on top of the ball of dubbing between the eyes making shore you have them prejudging at the right angle - slightly up over the eye of the hook.
  7. Take the thread back to the back of the thorax ball of dubbing and madem-x in 2 sets of legs on both sides, pulling tight into the dubbing ball after positioning will cause them to stick out in the right direction.
  8. Take the thread to the eye and tie off - viola!
  9. Now for the tricky part. Mix up some 5 minute epoxy. I do them 1 at a time. With the fly in the jaws of a forceps place a line of epoxy along the back, from the tie in point of the tail up into the antenna/eyes area, making shore it dose not flow to the underside. This is easier done if the fly is rotated over so the hook point is facing up. Continue applying epoxy in small amounts and allowing it to run until you have created the shrimps natural hump back shape.
Size 2-10. TMC 9394 Streamer 4XL
Clear mono
Lead free wire or tungsten
Epoxy eyes or bead chain on smaller patterns
Flexi-legs or Sili-legs cream or white
Rear: Sandy or light grey colored polar fiber dubbing with a twist of pearl sent-fibres. Front: Pink or brown polar fiber dubbing with a twist of pearl sent-fibres
Ultra Hair or kinky hair with a few strands of crystal flash to match color.
Clear scud back
Shell back
5 minute epoxy
All markings are done with a water proof marker

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