Published May 3. 2022 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited May 3. 2022

Stitch-Up Shrimp

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Nick Thomas
Pattern type: 
Scud fly
  1. Run on the thread at the eye, take down the shank in touching turns and remove the tag end.
  2. Tie in a tapered piece of tungsten rubber rig tube along the top of the hook.
  3. Catch in a piece of 3mm organza ribbon and tie back over the tubing and onto the bare hook at the back.
  4. Dub the body, pull the ribbon over the top and tie in. Trim off the waste, build a small head, whip finish and cut the thread.
  5. Thread a needle and poke it up through the organza against the woven edge. Pull the needle and thread through, then push the needle down at the edge of the ribbon on the other side of the back.
  6. Bring the needle under the hook and repeat the stitching process working forward to create a series of thread loops under the body.
  7. Once you’ve added enough legs cut the thread and put the needle away.
  8. Apply a coat of UV-resin over the ribbon, gently gather the loops together between your fingers, apply a little downwards tension and set the resin to lock the legs in place.
  9. Trim the legs to length and finish your shrimp by giving the back and head a coat of varnish.
Fasna F-120 #12-16
3mm organza ribbon
Tungsten rubber tube and dubbing
UV resin

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