Published Sep 1. 2015 - 6 years ago

The Real Rag Worm

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Claus Eriksen
Pattern type: 
Cold saltwater fly
  1. Prepare the rear hook first covering the shank with thread
  2. Tie in the marabou tail. Do not make it too voluminous.
  3. Add a small bunch of Angel Hair.
  4. Tie in the Fireline. Cover it thoroughly with thread so that it is secure.
  5. Tie in the chenille.
  6. Add a bead to the front hook.
  7. Place the front hook in the vice.
  8. Tie in the Fireline attached to the rear hook.
  9. Ajust the length to 5-7 cm (2-3"). Secure it well.
  10. Add glue to the Fireline.
  11. Bring the chenille forward.
  12. Secure the chenille at the hook bend of the front hook.
  13. Tie in a hackle at the hackle tip in the rear of the front hook.
  14. Bring the chenille forward to just behind the bead.
  15. Hackle the front hook over the chenille.
  16. Cut off the excess hackle.
  17. Whipfinish behind the bead.
  18. Color the chenille using a blue and maybe a red waterproof pen.
  19. Let it dry.
Owner Chinu 50355. Front hook #1/0, Rear hook #2
Light grey or rusty
Brown marabou and a few strands of olive Angel Hair. Speckled marabou will do great.
Fireline, 40 lbs.
Cactus Chenille, brown or olive
Front hackle
Saddle hackle, brown, grey, olive or black
Bead, brass or red.
AquaSeal or other soft-when-dry glue

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