Published Sep 1. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 26. 2015

The Strange Christmas Tree

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Martin Joergensen
Pattern type: 
Cold saltwater fly
Skill level/difficulty: 
  1. Tie in the thread over the hook bend
  2. Tie in red yarn at this point and tie it down the whole length of the shank
  3. Take the thread back to the bend
  4. Cover the hook shank with a layer of red wool yarn
  5. Tie it down over the bend and trim
  6. Prepare a piece of mylar tubing about 2 time the length of the shank
  7. Remove the thread core and fray the rear quarter of the tube
  8. Pass it over the yarn-covered shank and by the thread so far that you can catch the unfrayed tube with the thread just rear of the body
  9. Tie it down with a few wraps, whip finish and cut thread (you can also leave the thread and continue with a second bobbin)
  10. Pull the tube forwards to tighten it over the body
  11. Catch the tube right in front of the body with the thread and tie it down with a few, tight wraps
  12. Fray the front par of the tube
  13. Stroke it back and down to form a "false hackle" and tie that down with a few wraps
  14. Prepare a zonker strip about 1½-shank lengths
  15. Tie it down in front with very tight wraps and continue wrapping to form a head
  16. Whip finish and trim thread
  17. Lift the strip and start the thread over the rear tie in point again
  18. Split the fur just over this point and tie down the strip with some very tight turns
  19. Whip finish and trim thread
  20. Varnish both this point and the head
You may consider using dubbing instead of yarn under the body. The yarn has the advantage of being easy to get even and that it's quite durable. The mylar tubing has a tendency to break when fish bite it. This could be remedied with a layer of epoxy, but honestly, I'd rather tie a few more flies. And the fly seems to catch equally well after it's been torn. I have also expreimented with eyes on this fly. Since I like both the added weight and the appearance on the fly with eyes, I'm probably going to add eyes to some of the Strange Christmas Trees in my box.
Kamasan B800, size 6-2
Tying thread
Red 6/0
Red yarn or dubbing
Braided mylar tubing, clear or pearl
Zonker strip, seal or light grey mink
Tying thread

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