Published Sep 1. 2015 - 5 years ago

Tight Line Shrimp

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Roy Lopez
Pattern type: 
Warm saltwater fly
  1. First start a thread base just before the bend of the hook .
  2. Then cut a piece of pink bucktail about a half inch in length from the very top of the hide. It's the top part that is the finest.
  3. Then from the center of the bucktail cut a half inch of brown deer hair to form the thorn of the shrimp.
  4. Next I like to dub about 3 inches of thread with orange fine cut opossum fur and form a small bump.
  5. Tie in a couple of moose mane hairs as antennae. They can be quite long.
  6. Next cut a piece of mono about an inch long an with a lighter burn the tips to form eyes . The length of the mono should then be about half an inch once both sides are burned.
  7. Next lay the eyes diagonally across he hook and cinch it down by warping it in a figure eight pattern.
  8. Next you create a dubbing loop about 2 to 3 inches long and run your bobbin to the eye of the hook.
  9. Grab your Wing N'Flash and cut 2" lengths and spread it evenly through your dubbing loop.
  10. Once it is spread twist the loop locking the Wing N'Flash in.
  11. Lastly palmer the dubbing forward and tie off at the eye of the hook.
  12. I like to grab a bodkin and pick away the entangled pieces of wing and flash. This will give it a full body.
#4,6,8 Mustad 34007
Orange 140 denier
Tail (shrimp tentacles)
Pink bucktail, brown bucktail, pink flash
Orange opossum or similar
Moose mane
Burnt 40 lbs mono
Pink Wapsi Wing N´Flash (Alternative Angel Hair, SLF hanks)

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