Published Aug 25. 2015 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

10+ klilos or 20+ lbs

Pike in this size are not a common sight in any pike lake. We caught two on this particular day.


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Alex, The "filter...


The "filter" is really an action and you need to start Photoshop, go to the actions palette or toolbox and select Load Actions from the menu. Locate the *.atn file, which you unzipped and load it and you can now realease it on any image by clicking on it and pressing the play button in the actions toolbox.


Hi Martin, may I as...

Hi Martin,
may I ask you for some help? I am very excited about this filter (and the gff-page in general). I downloaded the zip.file and opened photoshop starts but nothing happend. The filter is not listet...What is wrong ?
Thanks a lot !

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Vince, I used an ...
Vince, I used an Orton filter effect for Photoshop. It comes in the shape of an action. I found it mentioned in a discussion on DPReview. You can find it by following this link to the zip-file. It's developed by Joe Colson. Martin

Hi Martin, I'm wond...

Hi Martin,
I'm wondering what kind of effect or filter you use to accomplish this "blurry" effect to your pictures. I really like it. I can see in your picture information that you've used photoshop. Would you be kind enough to share this information?
Grtz, Vince