Published Aug 25. 2015 - 6 years ago
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Add glue


If the tandemstreame...

If the tandemstreamer was to be used for pike, I would opt for a "bite off" free connection between the two hooks. This could be established by attaching a swivel plus connector to the bend of the first hook with fine iron- or copper wire. Ty off in the normal way, use headcement and ready. On top of that it does make one flexibel in tactics, because it enables you to fish a mono streamer of to mount to big streamers in a row. Sometimes big pike love those prey lining up........

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Babic, superglue ...


superglue becomes stiff, so I am using AquaSeal og other flexible-when-dry-glue. Here I am using a Loon knot glue.

Kasper Mühlbach

super glue or....?...

super glue or....?