Published Aug 25. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

Comfortable feet

Good wading boots are an important part of being comfortable by the water, but can be hard to find. They seem to wear down a lot faster than I find reasonable.


Greetings from a wad...

Greetings from a wading equipment fanatic!

I've been flyfishing for over thirty years and have run the gauntlet on shoes and waders. I am now wearing either Chota STL Plus boots or LL Bean Aqua-Stealth Studded depending on what river and how much hiking I'am doing. The LL Beans last forever, are great for long hiking to the stream, and really adhere to everything except severe slime! The Chotas are super everywhere, especially on slime and moss but don't give the high ankle support on really long-long jaunts through the boonies to the river. I fish the Deerfield, Westfield, Housatonic, and Swift rivers in Western Mass., also several rivers in Maine and northern N.H., and these two combos of boots really fit the bill. I gave up on regular felt a long time ago because of the short life-span. The type of poly-felt that chota uses, and the sticky rubber that Bean uses lasts a super long time. I really give boots a workout. I fish almost every week including through the winter depending on the weather, and do a lot of long brush wacking to get to my spots. I highly recommend these two boots.