Published Aug 25. 2015 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019


The Kokanee salmon gather in huge numbers where the Taylor and Gunnison streams run together. So does the anglers! This crowd was firmly set on their spots and not willing to give up their particular positions. The top man (right) would catch 10-20 fish for each 5 the second man would get. In that time the bottom man (left) would get nothing while the guy upstream from him would maybe get one fish!
This place would surely work well with a one-cast-one-step policy!


I remember canoeing ...

I remember canoeing on the Bois Brule in northern Wisconsin one fall day and when I would come around the bend and spot 10 to 12 people fishing steelhead. With as close together as they were (closer than this picture in several spots) I couldn't figure out how they could mend line or cast to a different lie.

A canoe does give an advantage in that you can get past the public walk in access points. Only problem is working out a shuttle. (2 canoe liveries in town, or use a bike)