Published Aug 25. 2015 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 10. 2023

Hopper copper dropper

Many US anglers fish a large grasshopper as a floating indicator/attractor and one or two smaller flies below.


In fast moving water...

In fast moving water ,would a weight forward Sinking Tip fly line be ok for any of the mentioned rigs,including an emerger as the fly nearest the leader,then the nymphs.Thanks,Jeff

Rick-I was fishing i...

Rick-I was fishing in Pagosa Springs Colorado last summer using the hopper copper dropper. My guide tied the hopper directly to the leader and then the copper to 4X tippet and the dropper to 5X tippet. I hope I have that correct, the larger tippet first. I see the diagram above has this presentation with the flies on droppers off the leader. I am wondering if you might know he did that. How did he tie the fly and tippet to the next tippet and fly. Hope this makes sense.

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Rick, I'm afraid ...


I'm afraid that's like asking "what's the best car?". It depends... are you driving a race, fetching the kids at school or moving a piano?

Same thing with flies. It depends on circumstances, season, water conditions, weather, what the fish are eating, location and much more. You will have to ask locally (in flyshops), look at what other anglers are using, read books and magazines, go with some one who knows.


As a fly fishing nov...

As a fly fishing novice I am in search of the best fly: wet, dry, tie - to use in cold conditions - air/water temperature?
Many thanks