Published Aug 25. 2015 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

Jan's GP - Side View

Here you can see how the foam is folded over the dubbed body, and how the hackle is wrapped through the front segments.


Let me know how you ...

Let me know how you get on rick

I live in Iowa - USA...

I live in Iowa - USA
I FlyFish local ponds for Blue Gill and Bass - This is going to be a killer for both !!
Thanks Jan

Im glad you like it ...

Im glad you like it and thanks for your comments Chad, it does fish well at times to well on some waters, any question give us an email Thanks

Already said, but th...

Already said, but this is a wonderful looking general purpose terrestrial. Part wasp, part ant, part anything that flies... Nice generic, neutral brown colors... Can't wait to fish this one...on just about any species that hunts on the surface, both moving and stillwater!! I've been looking for a GP dry and this one definately flips the tippet!

wow thats amazing ne...

wow thats amazing never seen anything like it and i've been fly fishing since 1992 and thats got to be the best terrestrial i've ever seen and i can tell u i've seen alot.