Published Aug 25. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

Red Frances

An odd fly if there ever was one, but very popular in Iceland. The fly is big and heavy.


hello again martin.j...

hello again martin.just wondering if you can help here i fish for salmon in scotland the colours for the start of the season normally are yellow and black could you recommend any other ones for springers as i normally fish tube flys 1"half or 2"flys. kind regars frank

hi martin. thanks fo...

hi martin. thanks for that info

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Frank, Click on t...


Click on the image and you will be brought right to a materials list.


hi there. could you ...

hi there. could you help me please and tell me the materials i would need to tie this fly. and if you have anymore pictures on how to tie the fly please. many thanks frank