Published Aug 25. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

Scierra River Bullets

The Scierra tubes are heavy tubes meant for rough water. You tie on the metal, which must be lined.


I don't like the sci...

I don't like the scierra river bullets because you have to let the hook and silicone tubing stay unattached to the bullet tube. I don't believe Noels question was adequately answered. I'd like to see some detail on this. Basically, is the hook and tube unattached from the bullet.

Thanks martin i've ...

Thanks martin i've got it now i need to use a combination of inner and outer tubing thank you very much for your help.By the way what pattern or style of fly are suitable for the scierra bullet tubes ? Again thanks for your help.

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Noel, Sometimes p...


Sometimes people simply let the hook trail the tube or use a piece of plastic tube or a pearl to create some distance. Some of the bottle tubes even allow a sleeve to go inside.
Oftentimes the bottle tubes are meant to be mounted on plastic tubes, which can then accept a sleeve.

Here are some examples:
Hooks on tubes
Weight mounted on tubes in different ways



The scierra bullets ...

The scierra bullets i have won't accept silicone tubing thats why im stumped. Maybe they're designed to just let the hook hang freely? Thanks anyway

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Noel, Sure! Like ...


Sure! Like you attach hooks to any tube. Run the tippet through, slip on a guiding silicone sleeve and tie on the hook. Slip silicone over the tube and pull the hook into the sleeve. It's described and shown numerous places on this site - like here... and here... and here.


does anyone know how...

does anyone know how to attach hooks to these scierra river bullets ?