Published Aug 25. 2015 - 5 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

The pro

Kristian is a pro, and he knows that the tripod makes a difference. This heavy specimen is his way of securing sharpness when shooting. He always carries it and uses it for the vast majority of his pictures. Notice how he steadies the setup even more by pressing on the top of the lens.


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Corbin, I keep my...


I keep my Manfrotto tripod away from saltwater as much as possible, but it's still quite tainted (if not rusted) from contact with salt. These gadgets are not built to endure salt, and a freshwater rinse now and then can do wonders. If you're planning extended use in and near saltwater some grease over screws and locks might be a good idea.


I just purchased the...

I just purchased the Basalt (GT2931) 3 section w/322RC2 head. Love it, do you partial submerge your tripod in salt water?

I have a kayak expedition planed in the Everglades and was concerned about the possible salt water effects on my Gitzo Basalt?

Any feed back is much appreciated.


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Corbin, Yes, the ...


Yes, the tripod is a Gitzo Moutaineer and the ballhead a Foba as far as I can see from Kristian's web site.


Please give details ...

Please give details of the rig, Gitzo?

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