Published Aug 25. 2015 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

This is what happens!

If you don't use gear that can take it, and don't rinse and dry it after each fishing trip, you can be sure that salt will find its way in, and you will see corrosion.


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Seriously!? Not a pr...

Seriously!? Not a problem? This Scierra Traxion was sold as a "saltwater resistant" reel.

No salt resistant reel should ever be able to end up like this. Even with the worst treatment. A bit of oxidation is hard to avoid, but rust beyond repair, requiring exchange to new and stainless parts? No way. They should have been stainless from the hand of the manufacturer.

And this was more than a spring. Actually the only thing I don't remember seeing was a rusty spring.
Pegs, washers, screws and more all were all very rusty and the aluminum housing itself was starting to oxidize. It would take more than a spring to get this back in shape. More like a forge and a hammer!


Not a problem, only ...

Not a problem, only iron-rusted spring need exchange to salt resist steel.After refresh will work as new.