Published Aug 25. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

Top dropper

The Irish and the English often use a large bushy fly as the top dropper. This is an Olive Bumble.


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Sean, It's the to...


It's the top fly - nearest to the rod - when you fish more than one fly, and in particular more than one dropper - the flies tied on the line above the point fly, which is the last one in the row. Read this article for way more on fishing several flies and droppers.


I am new to fly fish...

I am new to fly fishing. I have tied flies for about a year now give or take a month. I am a differently able person and haven't found anyone who wants to take me on and teach me the casting, and presentation 2/3 of the sport. But I keep hearing English, and Scottish, Irish tiers too, mention a top dropper. What is it. I know there must be nymphs tied to it somehow, because I heard one fellow tier say, "This is a good top dropper it will hold up a couple of tungstens." This page came up when I googled, What is a top dropper?