Published Aug 25. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

With linoleum

The finished tying bench, now covered with linoleum to provide a nice working surface


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The measurements are...

The measurements are found in the drawings that can be downloaded in the main article. Click on the picture to be taken there.


I see everything exc...

I see everything except the measurements do you have to pay for the pattern I don't see that either.

What a great project...

What a great project, just a couple of things: Why not use one of these self healing cutting mats for the base? Very often you need to cut material and you can usually get most clues of with a wash and it does not need to be stuck down so can be changed, they are cheap to replace. Also what about a lid, this could be hinged at the back with small plastic containers in the lid, fitted to the centre so when the lid is put down they are in the recess between the 2 outer blocks, this would then when open and upright at the back give more storage and the whole workbench would resemble a suitcase. Just and idea. Jim UK see web site

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Stu, Just found i...


Just found it while searching Google:
Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam Vise

Available several places online.


Thank's for the idea...

Thank's for the idea. Mine is a bit different but inspired by your design.The magnetic strip is an excellent idea. I was wondering what make of vice is in the final photo. I haven't seen one like that up here in Northern Ontario. Could you pass on the name of the make to me. Again thank's for the innovative idea.

I was looking online...

I was looking online for a nicely designed tool station and found your site. Very impressive and well thought out with a lot of innovation. I like the idea of the magnetic strip. Can't wait to get into the wood shop and get started on one. I built a tying desk last winter which I am going to donate to our Trout Unlimited chapter for our next banquet and I plan on including one of these tool stations with it. I have been tying for over 20 years but had everything in a plastic box which is portable but I am tired of rummaging through it every time I start or finish tying. Thanks for sharing your ideas.