Published Jul 2. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 2. 2018

Bringing home waste line

When you fish you most likely cut off tippet and leader material several times during a fishing day. Tangles, wind knots, wear and tear will force you to change the tippet or most of the leader.
Of course you never ever dump any significant pieces of fishing line in nature! That goes almost regardless of how small the snippets are.

Name a pocket in you jacket or vest the "snippet pocket" and make sure that alle little tags and pieces of material goes in there. Do not use it for anything else, because anything put in there will tangle in monofilament.

The smallest tags - a couple of centimeters or an inch - will not do much harm. But anything that you can tie a knot on can get around the feet of ducks and other animals or tangle in branches and create small snares that can trap whatever moves around.

Many fishers will argue that the line will disappear over the course of time. That is true, but we are talking months and years! The new fluorocarbon materials will last even longer.
Roll up the tags in small bunches and put them in the pocket or use and old tippet material spool to hold the waste until you get to an authorized waste basket.

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Nov 5. 2001