Published Jun 12. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jun 12. 2018

Cheap fly fishing bags

Fishpond Cloudburst
IKEA Frakta
Fishpond - IKEA

When traveling, it is always a pain in the back to have to take an extra bag to carry your gear (wet boots, waders, fly vest, net etc).
Most of the modern tackle bags are works of art, with so many compartments, for wet and dry stuff, reels etc., but the bags are cumbersome to use and very expensive. And when you fly, space is at a premium and you end up paying for extra luggage on certain airlines and routes.
I take a cheap polyprop bag along. You can buy them for nothing at most malls and grocery stores. The famous blue IKEA bag is a great alternative, which is widely available.
It folds flat, it is easy to put in the front flat zip pocket of your suitcase, weighs almost nothing.
I even use it at home, when fishing. I do not want to leave one of the expensive tackle bags in the back of my double cab for all prying eyes to see. Nobody will break a window for a cheap poly prop bag, with nothing in it if it is laying in the back of the vehicle. For an expensive tackle bag, a break in might be worth it.

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