Published Jun 13. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jun 13. 2018

Cheap Polaroid glasses

Night time driving glasses
Night time driving glasses
Global FlyFisher

We all fish with Polaroid sunglasses. When it is bright, the normal Polaroid sunglasses are great. But when it is overcast, late in the afternoon or in the shadows, like lots of trees on the banks, or a mountain on the side, the normal sunglasses are way too dark. Same thing when you fish the "evening hatch" when the sun is under the horizon.

To buy a pair of "Good Polaroid sunglasses for low light" is very expensive. Almost not worth the effort. And that the keep in your fly vest for the odd occasion.

A cheap, but very good alternative is to buy "Night Time Driving Glasses" The lenses are the lightest shades of yellow and most of the glasses are polarized. The cost of these glasses are between 10% and 25% of good polarized sunglasses. Cheap enough to keep a pair in your fly vest for the occasions that you do fish in overcast conditions, late in the afternoon, of after dark.
Try it out, you will love them! I now use mine for a lot of day time fishing as well.