Published Sep 16. 2018 - 3 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 16. 2018

Dropper variations

There are numerous ways to tie droppers, each in it's own right have a place.
1. Standard tag with a point fly.
2. New Zealand rig, where you tie the mono on the bend of the hook. Knots to use, Clinch knot, Improved clinch knot, Grinner knot, and my favorite the Pitzen Knot.
3. Where you tie the mono thru the eye of the hook of the top fly.
4. Tie directly on the mono of the top fly and use the fly as a stopper knot.

A dropper and point fly can have different setups.
a. Dry and dry.
b. Dry and nymph.
c. Nymph and nymph.
d. Dry and wet fly..
e. Wet fly and wet fly.
d. Lure/streamer and nymph.
e. Attractor and nymph.
f. Attractor and streamer.

You can also weigh the flies, with the point fly being heavier so that you will be fishing in two depths.
Distance between dropper and point can be any distance from 30 cm (1') to 2 meters (6'), as long as you can cast it with confidence.
Droppers and point flies can be used in small creeks, large rivers and any stillwater.

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