Published Jun 7. 2018 - 7 months ago
Updated or edited Jun 7. 2018

Drying your flies

The best, easiest, and cheapest way to dry a dry fly is packet of 10 Kleenex tissues. The best for drying your dry flies, is Kleenex tissues. Buy yourself one of the little packets of 10 tissues and keep it in your top pocket of the fly vest.
One of the biggest problems when fishing the dry fly, is to dry the fly after it got wet, you have a variety of powders on the market that you dunk the fly in and shake rattle and roll. That is suppose to wick away the water. We all know that it is not very effective. The inner core dubbing of the dry fly. And some CDC wings etc. still retain a couple of micro droplets of water that makes the fly sink much faster.
When you have to dry the wet/soaked dry fly, take a tissue from the pocket and squeeze the dry fly in the tissue. The tissue will absorb and dry the dry fly better, quicker and cheaper than any other product on the market.
PS: buy these in bulk and keep in your car, they always come in handy (should you want to blow your nose or wipe the hands of the kids) and you will always have a spare pack should you run out during a fishing trip.