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Gaining control over fish

Under control
Under control
Martin Joergensen

When fishing non-running waters like lakes and ocean, you often experience the fish running towards the shore - and you - in stead of away from you.

This has the unfortunate effect that in spite of your effort to get the loose line on the reel, it is not sufficient to keep the line tight. In many cases the pull in the line will lessen and the fish is likely to spit the hook, especially if you fish barbless.

In stead you must pull the line directly and keep the line tight and the pull steady.

The loose line might cause problems - especially as you create more loose line by trying to gain control over the fish. In still water this line is very likely to wind up in a pile on the water surface just next to you. To avoid this you need to move.
Go towards the shore or against the wind and have the loose line straighten and form an easily controllable loop.

If the fish runs you do not risk any tangles and if you get the time to collect the line on the reel, you can do so without creating a birds nest in the shooting eye.

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Oct 30. 2001

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