Published Aug 10. 2018 - 6 months ago
Updated or edited Aug 10. 2018

Have a fishing ethic

This is the second of my 10 commandments of fly fishing and you can apply it in which ever way it helps you.

2. Have a fishing ethic.

Respect the fish, respect the environment, respect the river, respect other anglers... you get the idea.

10 fly-fishing commandments

I am by no means the world’s best fly fisher, or the best fly tyer, but I have taught many people to fish as well as hundreds of school kids. Up to a couple hundred have attended my Nymphing Master Classes.
I have heard so many times: "I cannot fish", "I cannot cast", "I do not know where to fish", "I wonder how that guy catches so many fish"
I developed my 10 commandments of fishing, that I normally try and share with people along the way.