Published May 31. 2018 - 4 years ago
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Yes, thanks to South African fly angler Korrie Broos the Global FlyFisher will now feature a new fly fishing or fly tying tip every day!
Korrie already has several hundred in stock and more are coming. The Global FlyFisher also used to have a tip section, and I will dust those old - and now unpublished - tips off and add them to the queue.
So this space will hold a tip, so make sure to return every day to get some fly fishing wisdom, and learn a few things that you maybe didn't know already.
The series will start om June 1st 2018 and continue on as long as there are new tips.
Feel free to suggest your own tip. Mail it to me and I will add it to the series.

Below you can read Korrie's intro to the series.

The story

How it started?
I suppose the Tip of the Day started when I was a little boy and my father said "There is always a better or easier way to do something"
In Afrikaans, there is a saying "'n boer maak 'n plan" translated it means "a farmer will always make a plan".
In the early days, the farmers in Africa were far away from the towns, sometimes 2 or 3 days by horse or ox wagon. So the farmers always had to make a plan if something broke or had to be done with limited tools or supplies.

That carried over to my fly fishing. Some things about fly fishing, will stay the same, but for other things, there is an "easier or better way" to do things. Most of the time, we do not question something as it was taught to us in a certain way, and we accept that it is the only and right way.
For me, I look at it and think "what is easier, quicker or better".

Not all of my tips are my own creations, some are borrowed from fellow fly fishers, others are adapted from other fly fishers Some tips come from experiences in my factory. Other tips were "stolen with the eyes" from other sports and adapted for fly fishing.

Over the years I have accumulated over 250 such tips to make your fly fishing easier. Some tips are for fishing, some for the tackle, others are for preparation for trips. Some of the tips you might know, some you might be able to adapt and improve, or maybe you even have some tips of your own that we can feature

If so, share it with us on Global FlyFisher. Contact Martin.

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