Published Jul 1. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 1. 2018

Splicing pike wire with fire

If you fish for pike and use plastic coated pike wire for you leaders, you have probably experienced the difficulty of 'tying knots' on this very stiff material.
There are a number of options when you want to attach leader and fly, but the easiest is using fire.

Make a loop and twist the wire around itself 4-5 times over an inch or so, and hold it close to a flame. The coating will now melt and splice the wire very tightly. Attach the fly to the other end in the same way. Thread the wire through the eye of the fly, twist and heat. Watch out for feathers and synthetics!

You can now attach the mono leader on your fly rig to the wire loop with an ordinary clinch knot.
This can very well be done from home, and preparing all you flies with a wire leader can save you a lot of hassle by the water. If you decide to do it waterside, make sure you have a lighter, which burns well in windy conditions. Making sufficient heat with a standard lighter can prove to be a difficult job, if there is just a moderate wind.

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Nov 14. 2001