Published Jul 11. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 11. 2018

Twined or twisted leader butts

Dave Cook writes:

If you use home made twined or furled leader butts the most annoying thing is to have the leader tangle and twist if it is stretched and released suddenly.
This can be prevented by adding one strand of Fused GSP (Berkely Fireline) through the leader or make the complete leader from the reasonably clear "Fireline Crystal". This line has almost zero stretch.
If the complete dry fly leader butt is made from this line the leader will float forever without requiring floatant. This line is available down to 1lb in size.

It is expensive but get to know someone who is a keen spin fisher and offer a few lures for his damaged and leftover fused GSP line. See the GFF article about Furled or twisted leaders.

First published: 
Oct 18. 2006

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