Published Jun 2. 2018 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Jun 3. 2018

Windscreen wiper rod holder

The doors, boots and roofs of vehicles have claimed more broken rods than all the fish put together. Either because the wind blows the door close or you forget the rod and reel on the roof and drive off (I lost a Hardy antique fly reel this way) or some one passes and closes the door for you.
You can get one of the magnetic fly rod holders that fits on the side of the car to keep your rod safe, but what about your reel?
The best and easiest place is under your front wiper blade. Put your fly rod, with or without the reel on, under the wiper blade. Or if you rod is without the reel, you can put the fly rod under the wiper blade and the reel resting on the top of the wiper blade.
Your rod will always be out of the way and it is almost impossible to drive off forgetting about your rod and reel.
I even drive with my rod under the wiper blade and holding it with my hand at the top of the window sill. For longer trips, I keep an elastic band with 2 big plastic balls and tie it onto my aerial.
PS: just don’t use your windscreen wipers when your rod is under the wipers. This happened to a newbie to fly fishing after I had showed him this trick.