Published Aug 14. 2019 - 3 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 17. 2022

Black Night Fly

Aug 14. 2019
Ken Bonde Larsen
Pattern type: 
Modern salmon fly
Single salmon, app. #2

One of a batch of salmon/sea trout flies given to me by the late Ken Bonde Larsen. As always very well tied and with great proportions. This pattern may have a name, but I don't recognize it as a known pattern.

PS: Kragefluen is Danish and means the Crow Fly.

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This black night fly is called Kragefluen. Dressed for Karup Å...

Original, body hackle is a white and a brown hackle cut very short and black squirrel wing, but a few variants have been made and this is one of them with a short grizzly hackle over peacock herl and wing with Arctic fox.
It has caught many seatrout in the 80s and 90s
You can see variants in the book "Along the Karup River" (Langs Karup Å).