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Dave's Panic Button

By far my most effective fly for swinging for trout and salmon. This is a super easy fly to tie and very easy to cast with a spey, switch or single handed fly rod. Dave's Panic Button can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes - below you'll find the complete tying recipe. "If I could only use one fly the rest of my guiding and fishing career, this would hands-down be the one." - David Lisi, Owner & Head Guide, Cooper Landing Fishing Guide Originally called the J.R. Schmolty, this updated version, now called "Dave's Panic Button," has been featured in a variety of fly fishing magazines and fly tying articles. I use this fly almost exclusively when guiding for trophy rainbow trout on the Kenai River with my clients and it is just about the only fly you'll see me using when I am out fishing on my own. Materials for Dave's Panic Button Fly: Hook Shank: Umpqua 25 mm Waddington Shank Trailer Material: Senyo's Intruder Wire for Hooks Larger Than Size 6 Trailer Hook: Owner SSW Size 4 Octopus Hooks (Barb Removed) Thread: Uni 6/0 Black Dumbell Eyes: Spirit River Real Eyes Plus in Pearl or Red (Size appropriately for your fishing conditions) Rear Body Material: Hareline Dubbin UV Polar Chenile Copper Hackle: Wapsi Large Select Barred Mallard Flank in Natural or "Wood Duck" Color Rubber Legs: Wapsi Sili Legs - Pumpkin Barred Fly Body: Hareline Dubbin Brown Marabou Head: Hareline Dubbin Micro Pulsator Strips Black Barred Gold Variant Head Cement: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails