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I love Davie's ties ...

I love Davie's ties and enjoy watching his videos. I am sure I saw one of his flies titled juice bug damsel but didn't find it here. Is it possible to add it?

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Cheers Anonymous, ...

Cheers Anonymous,

The list is updated daily, and usually up to date, and with more than 220 videos by Davie McPhail, I doubt that the list can be more complete than it is. I scour the web daily for new entries, and usually add them the same day they are published - as with today's McPhail-video, which was added before I saw your comment.

If you are impatient, you can suggest the new videos yourself, and I will publish them as soon as I see your suggestion.


Enjoy Davie McPhail'...

Enjoy Davie McPhail's tying, and your convenient list of many of his flies. Is there some way his newer flies will be put into this list? It would be great if it can be ongoing. For instance, he just published a new fly since your # 1.

Thanks for the effort so far.

Davie, I'm an old fl...

Davie, I'm an old flytyer fisherman from Trout Creek, Mi.. Your tying style is the same as what I grew-up with. Your instruction has opened many childrens eyes to a sport of a life time. Keep up the good work and remain loyal to your fans.

Davie I think your ...

I think your videos are great. I would like to try some of the Classic Flies. I have watched you building a wing, you make it look so easy. Where can I purchase the dyed Turkey Tails, I have tried using Goose, not very successful.
Kind Regards

Hi Davie, My name...

Hi Davie,
My name is Travis I live and guide in the northeast of the US, My home waters are the catskills. I do a lot of salmon fishing all over the country and Canada.. I have a couple of patterns I would love to send you to see how they work on your waters, not that you need any flies you are for sure a master at the art.. If you would try them I would greatly appreciate it.
Tight lines

I really like the us...

I really like the use of lead foil. The only problem I have with lead foil is I don't know ehere to get it. I live in Grand Junction Colorado. Nobody knows anything about it. Any ideas?

Davie reminds me of ...

Davie reminds me of my father who tied for over 50 years. Davie is a Master at his craft as was my father.
Thank you Davie I truly enjoy watching your videos.
Howard Eighmey
Grand Island, Florida

I like Davies tying....

I like Davies tying. He shows how easy it can be to tie difficult looking flies.
And he's not relentlessly modern, he will never forget a traditionally style.
Greetz from Germany

I enjoy watching and...

I enjoy watching and listening to your fly tying videos. Each one is exceptional in content and value. The only thing I would like to see you add to each of your videos is a list of the materials you are using with each fly. You could either include the list in the beginning or at the end of each video. That would be very helpful. I will be looking forward to your new videos. Thank you, you're the best fly tying instructor I seen.

I have watched your ...

I have watched your flytying for two years or so,and im sure im tying a better fly,you do make it very easy to follow,and im quite happy to let other like minded lads know where they might improve,my area of tying is spiders,they are great in the Tay for trout and sea trout .
Thank you.

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Theo, First of al...


First of all: I don't expect Davie to see your comment. We feature his videos, but we have no contact with him and don't expect him to reply to questions here.

Secondly, if you search, you will find tonnes of online stores that sell Wapsi and very likely lots that will mail to Belgium (in the UK, Netherlands and France for instance) You can also contact Wapsi by email and inquire about a Belgian dealer.


Hi Davie ! I'm Theo ...

Hi Davie ! I'm Theo from Belgium and I'm impressed by the way you create flies. I would like to know were i can buy Wapsi dubbing material , for instance the SLF squirrel dubbing. It would be great if you can give me some adresses to purchase the material !!

Best regards,

Davie McPhail is the...

Davie McPhail is the greatest tyer I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

How do we purchase v...

How do we purchase videos of Davie McPhail's fly patterns

would like to know i...

would like to know if Davie McPhail has dvd out His fly tying methods are the best

thank you...

thank you for your videos it is so nice to be able to learn new tricks and ways to tie flys the information you give is priceless thank you for your time and effort