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Jim, Love your new ...

Love your new series. Keep'em coming!

First, let me say ho...

First, let me say how much I appreciate the excellent quality of your videos. You have provided a clear, concise, extremely informative compendium that has been my main resource for technical improvements in my tying. I've seen that, on some patterns, you will use thread to build up the body or provide coloration whereas I will typically use floss on the same pattern. Do you notice any difference in action or durability comparing floss and thread? Again, thanks so much Mr. Misiura. You are a real master and those us who strive to become one appreciate you sharing your skills and expertise with us.


Matt Glascock

I missed out on a go...

I missed out on a golden opportunity to learn from one of the best fly tiers on the east coast (my grandfather) It wasn't till after he passed that I got interested in both fly fishing & tying. Lucky for me my uncle is pretty darn good himself and was willing to teach me the basics. But once I found your videos it was game on because I no longer had to drive him crazy every time I had a question or wanted to add a new type of fly to my fly box. Your videos are the best and have been very helpful. Thanks a million!

I am totally new to ...

I am totally new to fly fishing and fly tying. I would like to thank you for the easy instructions for tying flies, but my problem is I have no idea what the difference is in a wet and dry fly. Could you possibly give me a guideline so that I will know what to use and how to differentiate between them. Thanks very much.

oim what a nice job ...

oim what a nice job you due on this. I watch 4 or 5 video now. I have learn a lot from I used to tie some time ago on the west cost but now I live in the south and trying to tie flies for large mouth bass. You have help me lot in understanding how to get it done right. Thank You

thanks - from a new ...

thanks - from a new tyer!