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The 'Mono' Rig Designed for Tube Predator Flies

I played with this concept a few years ago as struggled with the movement of conventional tube rigging, but became distracted like all tyers do. Seems fashionable now to revisit as we have seen some mega creations shared recently. The original was on standard hooks, but this time I have incorporated a modified weedless hook and added mono to allow me to change up the fly in any given situation. The modification to the hook has proved successful so far with moderate testing on my snag ridden river. I wasn't a fan of these hooks prior to this, but with the modification my hook-up rate has vastly improved. Another plus is that so far no flies have been lost to the perils of the deep. There is a trade off between full weedless and better hook-ups, so worth having one of these in your fly box. It's actually quick to tie up, but feel free modify the tube tying with whatever material you like. Don't forget to credit tyers as that means a lot to those willing to share ideas. Material List The 'Mono' Rig Ahrex Hooks PR380 Texas Predator 3/0 Trilene Big Game 60lb (0.03") Mono Shank is 1mm stainless steel homemade with a 1 Step Looper 2.25mm 2 x 5mm Glow Beads Medium Lead Wire Tread white 100D GSP Tube Fly Front Pike Tube 4.8 Thread White 100D GSP Bucktail white and grey Hedron Flashabou Standard and Polar (silver) Hedron Strung Fuzzy Fibre orange and yellow Big Streamer Nayat grey, dark grey, black and white Jerkbaitmania Pike Skinz Saltwater white Angelina Flash (Peacock and pearl) Eyes - Deer Creek Roachie Eyes 10mm Finish - Tear Mender, Evostik Serious Glue, Liquid Fusion and Deer Creek UV Fine Flex Resin