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Pepefly in Aurelia Lodge

On 7 November, kicking off my fishing season, departed at 17 am heading to Aurelia Lodge, where I was invited by Mr. Francisco Hermoso, Owner of Aurelia Lodge and Manager of Aurelia Lodge Diego Castillo to fish in the waters Rio Grande; I undertook this fishing trip with my friend and fishing buddy Omar Guenchur. We got to Aurelia Lodge and were greeted by Diego, who had a chat on various topics and of course fishing !!! finished the talk gave us until tomorrow and off to sleep. The next morning we got up early with Omar and departed toward the Rio Grande, sunny morning, but windy, like it should be on the Rio Grande, we were ready with equipment to not miss a minute of fishing !!!! We find a wide Rio Grande, with plenty of water and fast, but with its clean waters. With sunny day and clean water with no hesitation Omar tying our leaders articulate a new model based on the fly Rio Grande´s Queen , the new Sori´s articulated fly used was the color Chartreuse, Blue and Black. I started fishing at Radman Pool, with a Burkheimer Classic Spey Rod # 8/9/10 135”, Saracione Reel Mark Salmon V Model 4 ¼", line Nextcast WinterAuthority45 # 8/9 (46ft / 14.0m) with tip Nexcast ST15-S8 with a Chartreuse Sori´s articulated fly , the results were immediate both for me and for my fishing partner, our beginning more than good. I have to clarify that the shots of fishing, had to be at least 30 meters, given the conditions of the river, but as we say in the river, you have to put the fly "there" and you go fishing, but with the rod I was using the fly could get "there", change it for a rod a little more "long" and I started using a Rod Bob Meiser Highlander Classic #7/8/9 16", Saracione Reel Mark Salmon V Model 4 ¼", a line Nextcast WinterAuthority55 # 8/9 (54ft / 16.5m) with tip Nexcast ST15-S8, this rod gave me more opportunity to achieve so much easier the distance needed, the only change I made was a line change , incorporates Nextcast WinterAuthority45 # 8/9 (46ft / 14.0m), I had no problem with the wind, and allowed me to lift articulated flies and Tandem´s tube fly, in the Randman Pool we´ve fish three beautiful seatrout males ranging from 4 to 7 kilos, my friend Omar cath the biggest. We passed several pools, in which we also needed long cast like Martina and Alambre Pools, where the need was greatest width at the Rio Grande was made, and also the trout were "there", I continued fishing with the team it gave me more opportunity and facility to achieve distance, Bob Meiser 7/8/9 Highlander Classic Rod 16 ", but with a shorter line like Nextcast WinterAuthority45 # 8/9 (46ft / 14.0m) with tip Nexcast ST15 -S8. The sky was covered with some clouds, which at the time allowed the sun came up and hid it in others, this condition led us to decide to change the color of the fly and we decided on the new articulated fly, this time in color blue, and took the stage the Blue Sori articulated fly, was the fly of the day, with this fly I have the lucky to catch 6 sea trout of every weight and size !!! The equipment used for fishing Omar were next, Rod Zpey Infinity #7/8 12´6", OPST SP Lazar Running Line 30 lb, líne Zpey Fusión 2 sinking 2/3/4, Polileader 15” density 7 and the Rod Guideline LPX 13” 8/9, OPST SP Lazar Running Line 30 lb with líne Zpey Fusión 2 sinking 2/3/4 and Polileader 15” density 7. The Alambre Pool gave us very good results, such was the surprise in this pool that we can say we have the strawberry of the dessert, my friend Omar fish a beautiful steelhead with more than 4 kilos of weight, in this case with a Sori Black fly , we miss catching a chinook salmon, but it will be a matter of time, more importantly, the sea trout are in Aurelia !!! Surely in the next few days will be varying river conditions, the river will become narrower and less plentiful, but will certainly be a challenge for the fly fisherman. Next week I will have the video ready of the catchs the flies used. Beautiful start to the season, I have no doubt that Aurelia Lodge is a great place to start our fishing season !!! From now on my behalf and on behalf of all members of Pepefly, I thanks Mr Francisco Hermoso Owner of Aurelia Lodge, Diego Castillo Manager Aurelia Lodge, and the entire staff of Aurelia Lodge for the invitation and the great kindness and hospitality which were attended and allowing us to test new models Pepefly flies !!! Tight lines!!! Pepe