Published Mar 16. 2015 - 9 years ago
Updated or edited Jan 21. 2024

GFF respects your privacy

Here at the Global FlyFisher we try our best to protect and respect your privacy, and do not harvest any information about you or share information with others.

Cookies - The good kind
The good kind
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When you move about on the web your behavior is tracked. That's the way of the web. A lot of web sites actually collect a lot of information about you. This is done in such a way that you rarely notice it, but never the less a lot of information is accumulated and shared - mainly through advertising networks and so called data brokers. You have probably heard the stories about people getting marketing mail based on very personal information, which hadn't been shared with anybody, but which was gathered through their clicking around on the web, their search history and their online shopping.

We try not to

On the Global FlyFisher we do not collect and share such information, but even though we try hard, some of the things that we do, cannot be done without just a little such tracking. Certain technical things we do, come with the added "bonus" of some degree of tracking. It's very limited, but does add to the larger image of you, constructed from your online behavior and habits.

Third party cookies

We have tried to remove all third party cookies, and generally gather no tracking or marketing related information for our own use or for others. We set a couple of cookies, but these are solely used by our system for login check and such, and not shared with anybody - least of all Google!
The same does unfortunately not go for some of our embedded content like the videos from YouTube and Vimeo. We don't control those 100% and can't control how cookies are set and used in the embedded content.
We used to have a bit of Facebook integration, but that has been removed, and is slowly disappearing from our pages as they get refreshed from the latest code.
You can usually disable third party cookies in your web browser, which will not only effect the cookies that are indirectly set, but also remove the thousands of third party cookies set by many other sites.
The illustrations below show you how to disable third party or tracking cookies in the four most popular browsers.


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


Our own cookies

A very large majority of sites use cookies for all sorts of neat functions. We use them here to keep track of you information (if you entered it). Cookies remember your whereabouts in our forum or video section and other things. These cookies are ours and ours alone and can't and won't be shared with others, but are solely used to make your experience here a little better and easier.
You can disable cookies - or delete the ones that Global FlyFisher sets - and the site will be none the worse. It will work fine and you will probably feel no difference.

The cookies we set won't be shared with others, but are solely used to make your experience here a little better and easier.

Other information

Whatever other information you might share with us - name, email, comments, preferences or other things - we do not share with others unless we clearly specify it. We use it on the site where it makes sense, but respect your wish to be if not anonymous then at least private.

Deleting your information

If you do not want the Global FlyFisher to keep the very limited information that we may have on you, simply delete your account. Whatever content you may have submitted will be kept. If you want that deleted, you will have to contact me, preferably before you delete your account. Then I can manually remove all relevant content and then delete your account.
To cancel your account yourself, but keep any content you may have submitted, log in, go to your user profile, edit it and find the button Cancel account in the bottom of the form. Click it and confirm the cancellation. This will delete your account and profile and the information we have on you.
The deletion in irrevocable and although you can ask for a new one any time, but your new account will be disconnected from your old content. Your old data will be completely gone. That's the whole idea - and required by law, actually.



I enabled cookies on your site then went to print. Now the cookies "enhancement" shows up on every page. How can I withdraw consent?

Martin Joergensen's picture

I will check...

I will look into what is happening. Of course the cookie dialog should not appear once you have accepted it - on plain pages or on print pages.



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