Published Feb 24. 2012 - 12 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 8. 2020

8 minutes ago

How a hunt for a salmon DVD led me around the world and then some in 8 minutes...

I just added a trailer for the salmon DVD "A Passion Called Salmon" - 8 minutes ago, actually. Why that's interesting, I'll return to in a moment.

But first I'll talk a bit about the DVD and the trailer.

The DVD (and the trailer) is made by Sasha Savic (Saša Savić to be more correct), originally from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now obviously a successful manager in a large marketing company with offices all over the world including New York, where Sasha seems to be working.

After having seen the beautiful and very well filmed trailer, I wanted to buy the DVD. I set out on a hunt that led me literally around the world in 8 minutes.

I found a long and very interesting article on the web site Fish&Fly, which had it "reprinted" from Atlantic Salmon Journal, a magazine published by the Atlantic Salmon Fund according to Fish&Fly.
In this article (PDF-format) I found a reference to - home page of Atlantic Salmon Federation, not Fund - where the DVD should be on sale for 29.99 US$.

The reprinted article... reprinted...

Well, no hesitating on my part, off to the Canadian homepage to find and order the DVD. But, no... there was no DVD. A shop, sure, but no DVDs at all. The online shop was actually pretty lame. Lots of nice stuff in there, but very hard to find. I liked this neat pocket knife at 18 US$ for instance. Well, I digress...

Not finding the DVD couldn't keep me from buying, could it?

On to the world wide web, into Google and search for "Sasa Savic A Passion Called Salmon buy DVD"
Hits: A reference to the article I just read on Fish&Fly, links to a UK fly forum and... a link to the trailer I just added to GFF! Marked "8 minutes ago". Google surely loves us! Indexed a few minutes after the page has been added. They know where we live!
So a link back to the Global FlyFisher, But no links to anywhere where the DVD could be bought.

I traversed sites up and down and left and right in search for the DVD, Sasa himself, his publisher, Atlantic Salmon Federation, North Atlantic Salmon Fund, shops, even Amazon or whatever I thought might lead to the DVD, but no one seemed to want to help me spend 30 US$ to become one DVD richer.

At long last I returned to Fish&Fly, and lo and behold! Right there in the middle of everything was a link to a shop! Woot! Clicketyclick and the order was off! The DVD will be out in March and this was a pre-order. So now I just wait for March.

What did I learn from this?
Well, I'm constantly amazed how bad people are at getting stuff out on the web. IsellTackle have "Smart buys for smart anglers" as their slogan, and this angler must be smarter than them, because he managed to get our trailer into Google in less than 8 minutes while they -- who sell things, earn money, run a business and probably try to make a living from it -- have no trace of their product in the search engines. None that I can find at least.

Well, persistence and patience and you can actually get rid of your money!

PS: If anyone who knows how to reach Sasha (or you yourself, Sasha), see this, please contact me. I'd still love to talk about the DVD and maybe do an article.

Update February 27th 2012
PPS: It just took three days before I had heard from both Sasha and the publisher behind the web site where I bought the DVD. The web surely is a powerful communications channel!

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