Published Jun 19. 2019 - 3 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 8. 2020

Some books arrived

A few things happened during the last couple months that made me think of, buy and read nice fishing books again.

I have whined about book costs before, and will probably do so again.
Actually, just mentioning it here is kinda whining too, now that I think of it.
Books are expensive, and getting them mailed is also expensive, often making books twice the price that you find printed on their back cover. I know that you might think: "Just buy your books in a local brick and mortar shop!", and true enough: I could save some money on postage there… provided that I had a shop nearby, which sold the books that I want.
But I don’t.
I do have book shops nearby, but none that sell fishing books. And if they did, it would most likely be Danish books, and most likely some that I already had – or didn’t want.
I have to order my books from abroad to get what I want, and that’s when expenses start growing.

The net result is that I buy fewer books than I used to. When I do, I do so at shows where the selection is better and I can bring them home myself, or I buy from European stores, mainly Paul Morgan’s fantastic Coch-y-Bonddu Books in Wales. From there postage is bearable, and up until Brexit, taxes and VAT haven’t been a problem. That might change, but judging from the Brits’ indecisiveness, not any time soon.

Five books
Five books
Martin Joergensen

I have also wailed the "Review Copy Blues" more than a few times here. Publishers simply don’t send out physical review copies as willingly as they used to. It’s costly, and for some reason many online magazines are not deemed worthy of copies, only being web sites, and not "real" magazines. Never mind that a site like this reaches thousands of readers every day. Many publishers haven’t really realized that, it seems.
But now and then I do get asked to do a review of a book sent to me, and more times than that I simply buy and pay books myself in order to read and review them.

Here are the stories of a handful that have found space in my shelves lately, and where reviews are on their way to the pages of this very web site.

Update February 2020: All these books have now been reviewed and a link has been added for each

In order of appearance they are:

A package arrived

Nicely wrapped

Stylish fillers

Review copies

Martin Joergensen

Creative GeWe Wet Flies
Dale Darling & Geert Werbrouck

I have long been a virtual friend of Geert’s and admired his fantastic flies online, and when I met him at the Danish Fly Festival, he was exactly the nice person I had envisioned. He had published a small book in cooperation with American Dale Darling, and I was lucky enough to be able to buy a copy at the show.
It’s a lovely book, showcasing Geert’s flies, and telling the stories of the patterns and materials in text written by both Geert and Dale, accompanied by hundreds of photos.
PS: Sorry for the late payment, Geert!
My review of Creative GeWe Wet Flies

America’s Favorite Flies
John Bryan and Rob Carter

I first saw this book mentioned on Facebook, and judging from the concept, the scope and the images, it was a book that I immediately longed to own. I wrote about that fact, but oddly enough the publishers didn’t get my hint and send me a copy. Well, I wasn’t surprised. It’s an expensive book (145 US$) and heavy too (7 lbs.!), so sending one over would be costly. I refrained from ordering one for the same reasons.
But just a month or so ago, the book was offered on Father’s Day sale, and at 72.50 US$ I was convinced. Especially since I had a courier coming over in the form of GFF partner Bob Petti, who is visiting this summer. So the book was mailed to him, and his luggage will be significantly heavier coming across the Atlantic.
America’s Favorite Flies site
My review of America’s Favorite Flies

The Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus
Matthew Supinski

Bob’s luggage will also be heavier because of this book, of which I was offered a copy as an appreciation for contributing. Now, that’s a way I like to earn myself a book! I love writing, I love to see my stuff on print, and I love books, so when Matt Supinski wrote and asked me if I wanted to supply some text for his new book on trout and salmon, I jumped at it!
That was two years ago, which attests to how lengthy the process of writing and publishing books can be. The book came out this spring, and I got a PDF to enjoy right away. A hard copy was sent to Bob, who now has to cut down on underwear and T-shirts in order to fit my books in his suitcase. Sorry Bob!
The Nexus site.
My review of The Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus

Fly Fishing Treasures
Steve Woit

About a month ago, I received a mail from British fly fisher and collector Steve Woit. He wrote: "Would you be interested in receiving a review copy of my new book "Fly Fishing Treasures" for review on Global Fly Fisher?"
As if he needed to ask!
I thanked him for the opportunity, and confirmed that I’d love to see, read and review his book, and less than a couple of weeks later a weighty package arrived from the aforementioned Coch-y-Bonddu Books, compliments Steve Woit. One reason for the weight was of course Woit’s massive and impressing 350 page book on collecting fly fishing related paraphernalia. It’s not a lightweight book, I can assure you. The other reason was that Paul Morgan generously had included the book mentioned below.
Fly Fishing Treasures site
My review of Fly Fishing Treasures

Reflections on the Loch
Stan Headly

"Review copy, with compliments" was hand written on a small piece of paper included with this book. Actually the "paper" seemed to be a beautiful card cut from a leftover page from another book print, but that’s another story.
The book is a very thorough and well illustrated book on lake fishing the UK style, as done in British lakes, Irish loughs and Scottish lochs. The author, Stan Headly, is Scottish, and definitely seems like a capacity on the field. The book consists partly of his writings in the UK magazine Trout&Salmon. Running through the book quickly, tells me that there’s a lot to be learned here, on fish, fishing, gear and flies – and that the writing style is highly entertaining.
My review of Reflections on the Loch

So I’m back in book mode, and have already begun reading the books that I already have and am looking forward to seeing the ones carried here by Bob. Expect reviews of all of them as soon as I’m done reading.


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