Published Feb 18. 2018 - 6 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 8. 2020

The new GFF HQ

We have moved from an apartment to a house, and GFF is getting a larger and better equipped main office.

Martin Joergensen

When I work to make money, I work from home. I site at a computer programming and developing web sites. Ever since the family and I bought our first house many years ago, I have had a dedicated room for the purpose. That's a luxury! Houses and apartments aren't that big here in Denmark, and claiming a whole room for one purpose for one person can only be considered an extravagance. My making money while using it has somewhat justified it. In my case the room is also my photo studio and my fly tying room.
My first office was in the basement of our house, and was office only. No fly tying there. I had my fly tying set up in the bedroom.

Back when I

was diagnosed with MS we moved from the house to a flat. I couldn't walk stairs and we feared that I'd have to use a wheelchair all the time, so we needed something without levels.
Luckily my disease didn't develop that quickly, and having been stable for several years now, we recently decided to move back to a house. We missed the garden, the chickens, the calm, the storage space, the feeling of paying to own rather than paying to rent. Our apartment was nice, but also expensive, and that gave us some economic headroom to buy.

Ready for the paint


Let's fill this room!

Building the Chinese wall


More stuff


A desk

A place to work
A place to work
Martin Joergensen

So we now own

a large house with plenty space, chickens, a workshop, a wood stove and much more – and I got the privilege of selecting the largest separate room for my new office! Yay!
Naturally that same office will serve as the new headquarter for the Global FlyFisher, and will be where I write, edit, tie flies, take pictures and take care of the daily humdrum that is maintaining a large web site.
When I started writing this, it was an indoors miniature of the Chinese wall build with boxes. All my fly tying, photo stuff, computer stuff and much more was packed down in boxes padded with a liberal amount of clothes, and these boxes were now stacked in the room. Since they were piled three high, I couldn't really get to them, and I was down to my last pair of clean underpants, so the office was next in my unboxing process.
But before that could happen, a few shelves needed to be assembled and moved into place, which was essentially like solving a huge, room-size 3D Tetris game.

The books
My fly tying desk to be
Taking shape
Martin Joergensen

Now, a couple

of weeks later, there's shelves, a desk, only a couple of boxes left and even some free floor space. I still have a large wicker basket full of fly rods standing on the floor in the middle of the room, and my fly tying desk to be is filled with the shelves that are supposed to hang on the wall above it.

But I'm writing this

on a real keyboard sitting at a desk, which is a great upgrade from sitting with a laptop in a comfy chair in the living room.

The old office
The old office
Martin Joergensen

My vise has been located and most of my fly tying tools are basically found. The fly tying materials are still spread rather randomly in boxes in the above mentioned shelves. They are marked, so I can find things, but not really sorted or organized. When I get some more room on my tying table and on the floor, I will probably sort that out and get things arranged a little more practical.

My plan is also

to have a small photo station where I can have a camera for shooting fly tying and maybe even making a video now and then.
So during the coming week or two, I expect to be up and running with a permanent tying spot, and I might even be able to find the materials I need to tie a fly or two. My photo gear has been located, and a setup for fly photos will be done quite soon.

And then it's on

to tying flies, shooting pictures and publishing articles here on the Global FlyFisher - and maybe even fill a box or two for my spring fishing trips.
I'm so looking forward to that.


You can see the old office here.


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The GFF money box

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