Published Mar 6. 2012 - 11 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 27. 2023

Favorite Flies for Baltic Seatrout

In this book Martin has tried to cover his favorite fly patterns, and has included 29 of the flies that he and his best fishing friends use 90% of the time when they fish for Danish coastal seatrout.

As I have already written in our blog, I have made another book using one of the excellent self-publishing systems online. Print-on-demand is a great way of making books, and I'm very pleased with the result (as I have been with the other ones).

This time I have tried

to cover my favorite fly patterns, and have included 29 of the flies that I myself and my best fishing friends use 90% of the time when we fish for Danish coastal seatrout.
Each fly is covered with nice images, a materials list and a tying description. There are tips on fishing the fly and some images of the fly in action, the land- and seascapes and what I thought would do well in the context. I have also added some full spread images to break the rhythm of the flies. As I said: I'm pretty satisfied myself.

If you are interested

, you can easily order your own copy. Prices start at 28 US$. I don't make money on the sales, so don't buy it for my sake or the sake of GFF, but because you want a nice book on seatrout flies.

Fishing breaks - I added a handful of full two-page images to strike a mood in between all the fly patterns.
Two copies - I ordered two copies - one hardcover and one softcover. I wanted to see the quality of the least expensive softcover-option, and it\'s absolutely fine
Good size - I didn\'t opt for the largest, coffee table size, but the book is large enough to offer the images a good presentation
Well known patterns - You will recognize many of the flies from GFF and Danish fly boxes.
First copies
Martin Joergensen

It's a long and laborious

process to make a book. This has been underway for more than 6 months, and I have worked on and off on it for a long time. There are things I want to change, and I haven't gone through the finished product in detail yet, but I know when I do I'm bound to find errors... small ones, but quite likely errors.

Still: what fun

it is to have your own stuff in your own book!

I have an article

in the pipeline about some new seatrout patterns that I'm starting up with this spring. And I also started making an article about doing your own books using the same online service that I have used. It's fairly easy and a lot of fun. They will both appear on the front page once they are ready.


Hey Martin, I know ...

Hey Martin,
I know it's been a few years since this topic was active but I am planning on fishing a day near Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands in a week or so and I was wondering if these flies would apply down there or if you could point me in a direction for some info on Falkland patterns!

Martin Joergensen's picture

Marc, These flies...


These flies will work for a lot of different fish - trout, bass even bonefish. They are very generic and generally useful as long as the size and style fits the fishing - wet flies, casting and retrieving. They were developed for saltwater fishing, but will also do fine in freshwater and streams.

I'm sure that Lithuanian fish will respond just as the Danish (and Swedish) fish do, which is usually with vigor.

If you are fishing inland trout rather than in the ocean, you might get some hints from this article on Lithuania or even this one on Estonia.


Hi, The book says B...

The book says Baltic trout... wondering if you know about trout fishing in Lithuania in particular (in English) and whether this book would cover Lithuania. I don't mean that the trout speak English of course, that might be asking a bit too much. But if you know of any information that would be wonderful.

Thanks Martin...

Thanks Martin,
I have enough time to find&buy materials, hooks and prepare for a nice trip!!!

Martin Joergensen's picture

Milan, I'm glad y...


I'm glad you got the book and like it.

For fishing in the autumn I would go for the smaller and less "meaty" flies. I will be fishing in September too, and my box will most likely be stuffed with patterns like Magnus (size 6 or so), Red Tag (size 8, 10 or so), Copper Bully (size 6, 8), Charlie Fly (size 6, 8), Danish Pastry Fly (size 4, 6). I will also bring some brighter flies for days with more wind and murkier water, like Klympen in orange and maybe a Big Hole Demon in red or orange.
I will probably also add some Rolled Muddlers, Pinky Pains and Brendas, which are not in the book.

Apart from that I usually have a bunch of streamers, zonkers and assorted other flies if I feel like trying something different.


Hi Martin - Receiv...

Hi Martin -
Received a copy also here in Serbia :) Nice Book!!! I`m preparing for a week in Kolding, Denmark late September/early October. Please recommend me a few of patterns from book for that time and place.

Hi Martin Just got ...

Hi Martin
Just got my copy today. Beautiful flies...great book. I am a fly pattern book junkie, and this is up there with my favourites. For the record I have been fishing the Polar Magnus the last couple of years here in New England in the local ponds after ice out. Crappies, perch, bluegill, and pickerel love it as much as your sea trout!
Best regards,

Hi Martin ! Receive...

Hi Martin !
Received your book few days ago. Excellent !
Lot of tips and great pictures.
Stimulates me come there and try for these fishes .....

Nice job Martin, exc...

Nice job Martin, excellent work. Really!



Martin Joergensen's picture

Pino, I'm sure th...


I'm sure they would work for Swedish seatrout. And it would be fun to hear about an Italian marble trout caught on one of our Scandinavian flies!


Hi Martin, actually...

Hi Martin,
actually I'd like to try your flies abroad, for seatrout in Swedish rivers,
but I will for sure try some of these for our fabulous marble trouts.
I'll let you know ....

Martin Joergensen's picture

Pino, I'm sure th...


I'm sure these flies will catch fish for you, even in rivers and even in Italy!


Hi Martin, just bou...

Hi Martin,
just bought your book ! Now you have an Italian reader too.
Hope some of these flies will work for seatrout in rivers too ....
Congratulations for the great work you've done.

Martin Joergensen's picture

Lukas, Glad you l...


Glad you like the book. It was fun doing, and fun to think that it's spread out to other tyers and anglers.


Hi Martin, my copy ...

Hi Martin,
my copy arrived today - great pictures and a nice read with lots of good infos.
Well done!

Martin Joergensen's picture

Gustavo,, The ser...


The service I use (Blurb) doesn't yet support e-publishing, but I think they have plans to do so. As it is right now they don't allow any kind of export in PDF or other electronic formats (unless it's littered with huge watermarks), so for now it's a no-go, unfortunately.


Dear Martin, Do y...

Dear Martin,

Do you have any plans to sell the book on the E-PUB format ? If so, please let me know about it's availability...

Congratulations !

Fantastic! Great ph...

Great photos Martin!

I particularly love all the gear& water pics.
you have it down when it comes to capturing the essence of the setting.
keep snapping those shots!
great job and Tight Lines!

Small stream fly fisherman

Martin Joergensen's picture

Tom, Thanks for t...


Thanks for the kind words! I tried to catch the essence. Not only fish and fishing but also environment, ambiance and camaraderie.


Hi Martin, I rece...

Hi Martin,

I received the book last weekend. I am impressed. Your picture collection shows us exactly what baltic seatrout fishing is all about! Enjoying nature, being with friends with the same mental 'disease', and celebrating an occasional catch!

Just Perfect!

Tight Lines,

Martin Joergensen's picture

Tom, Thanks for y...


Thanks for your support! It's much appreciated.

I have a couple of copies, and I have to admit: I'm proud! They DO look great! I know it's not good style, but since I have the only copies yet, I am the only one to say it... ;-)

I hope your will enjoy your copy as much as I enjoy mine.


Hi Martin, Great ...

Hi Martin,

Great Idea! It looks great. I have ordered one!

Keep up the good work!

Tight Lines,


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