Published Jan 17. 2005 - 19 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 27. 2021

New Hooks

Partridge has come out with a new line of trout hooks called "Flashpoint". Most fly tyers are hook junkies, and Bob Petti is no exception, so he jumped at the chance to review these new hooks.

Rating: 6
Partridge's web site

"These are pretty trendy hooks from what most would consider a very traditional company."

Lurking on the internet one day this past Fall, I learned that Partridge had come out with a new line of hooks called "Flashpoint" hooks. I dashed off a note to Dr. Fish, Jeff Pierce, to see if I could wrangle a few samples to review, similar to when Mustad came out with their Signature Series hooks a few years ago (read review here). Shortly after, a box came in the mail with a selection of some of these new hooks that are certainly going to be interesting to the trout angler.

In general, these hooks are all that you would expect from a premium hook maker. The finish is absolutely flawless on all the hooks, whether it be the traditional dark bronze or the stealthy black nickel. The points are exceptionally sharp straight out of the box, and the barbed models feather barbs that are micro sized and easily pinched down with your pliers. The eyes are perfectly formed, and there was not a single reject in any of the boxes I was sent. All the hooks are packaged in the same sort of plastic box as the Mustad Signature Series hooks. With a retail price in the neighborhood of four bucks a box, these hooks are a very good value. To learn more about these hooks, or to find a dealer, visit Partridge's web site.

With that, let's take a look at the hooks. NOTE: The scale seen in all photos is millimeters.

15BN - The Klinkhamer
This is the most recent iteration of a hook designed specifically for Hans van Klinken's famous "Klinkhåmer Special". A fly that was developed for grayling fishing has spread throughout the angling world and is know tied and fish for all sorts of salmonid species. The 15BN has the classic "klink" shape allowing for an abdomen that will ride beneath the surface, with a flat spot to tie a thorax and wing with a flat parachute hackle. Note that these hooks are not sized according to traditional trout hooks. The one in the photo is a size 16, yet count the millimeters on the scale! Partridge 15BN Klinkhamer Hook

BMN - The "Big Mouth" Nymph
This is a hook that will look odd to US based anglers. A straight shank hook with such an oversized large gap. A "big mouth" indeed. These hooks are stamped "Special - Designed for Competition Flies", which alludes to their genesis as hooks designed for European fly fishing competitions, where the rules concerning hook shank length and gap can be very specific. Partridge BMN Big Mouth Nymph

BMD - The "Big Mouth" Nymph Double
A straight-eye double version of the BMD. Twice the metal, twice the weight, and twice the bite of the single. Like it's single point cousin, the Big Mouth hooks were designed for flies with heavy dubbing. They are also popular for Booby style flies, and are gaining attention as a good hook for tube flies. Partridge BMD - Big Mouth Nymph Double

CZ - Authentic Czech Nymph
Another hook designed for a specific style of fly - the Czech Nymph. This hook is unique compared to other "grub" style hooks on the market in that the point is slightly offset from the barb forward. On many offset hooks, the entire point is offset, from the "bottom" of the bend all the way to the point of the hook. One these, only the portion past the barb is offset. Match anglers were frustrated with heavily weighted hooks being thrown by jumping fish, and it has been shown that this slight offset drastically improves the hook's holding power. Partridge CZ - Czech Nymph Hookh

D3ST - Straight Eye Streamer
A 4x long, straight eye streamer hook with a classic dark bronze finish and an attractive sproat bend. A beautiful hook which could only be improved by adding a down-eye version. Partridge D3ST - Straight Eye Streamer Hook

GHH - Gold Head Hook
What do you get when you take a bronze version of the Big Mouth Nymph hook and affix a gold bead? The Gold Head Hook, that's what. For those of you out there who hate to fiddle with beads, this hook is for you. The beads are a subtle satin finish gold, and the hooks are classic bronze. Partridge GHH - Gold Head Hook

HND - Heavy Nymph Double
Unlike the BMD, the "heavy nymph" double features a sproat bend on each hook. The finish is the same black nickel finish, and, as the name alludes, the wire is quite stout. This hook would also make a good chasis for a "wee double" style wet fly. Partridge HND - Heavy Nymph Double

IN - Ideal Nymph

The Ideal Nymph hook is a down-eye 2x long standard wire hook with a model perfect bend and black nickel finish. Except for the black nickel finish, this is a very traditional nymph hook. Partridge IN - Ideal Nymph hook

SHR - Shrimp
The SHR Shrimp hook is essentially the same as the CZ Authentical Czech Nymph hook, but is available in smaller sizes for imitating freshwater shrimp and scuds. The barbless point is offset in a the same "point only" fashion as the CZ hook. SHR - Shrimp Hook

SLD - Surehold Lightning Dry
The SLD is a superb barbless dry fly hook for downwing dry flies and emergers. The point is barbless and slightly "beaked", causing the point to penetrate well on the strike and hold firmly during the fight. These are my new favorite hook for CDC&Elk dry flies, as well as most other downwing dry flies. Partridge SLD - Surehold Lightning Dry Hook

SUD - Surehold Upwing Dry
The SUD Surehold Upwing Dry fly hook features the same barbless "surehold" point and black nickel finish as the SLD, but a longer shank and less curve to the bend. This hook is designed for classic winged dry flies. Partridge SUD - Surehold Upwing Dry Hook

TDH - The Dry Hook
This hook will be familiar to most fans of Partridge hooks, as it is essentially an updated version of the L3A dry fly hook, with the standard bronze finish, forged Hamilton bend, and micro barb. A true classic. Partridge TDH - The Dry Hook

TWH - The Wet Hook
As with the TDH, the TWH is an updated version of the well known Partridge L2A wet fly hook. Partridge TWH - The Wet Hook



The SLD Surehold Dry...

The SLD Surehold Dry hook Seems to be too flexible and might break or snap whitch it did in my vice.Looks to be great concept but wire is too thin.May loose a large fish.Would like to have standard wire hook.


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