Published Aug 16. 2016 - 6 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 4. 2016

GFF Newsletter: The Regal Mystery | The Octopus

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Aug 16. 2016

During the recent week I posted a blog post about Regal vises, which stirred a surprising amount of commotion with some not so surprising reactions. There was a large number of reactions, particularly on Facebook where I posted the entry both on the Global FlyFisher page and on my personal Facebook page.
People reacted in two ways: about half supported my observations, and feel like I do about the renown Regal vises. The other half basically told me that I had completely misunderstood everything about Regal and had no idea what I was talking about. That was about what I had expected, and it hasn't changed my basic opinion about Regal: I respect the product and those who tie on it, but still don't understand why. I still see the Regal vise as a simple clamp.
One reaction was extra surprising, though, and that was the one from Regal. In stead of approaching me in a constructive way and try to start a dialog, they very formally asked me to remove the images of their vises I had used. No softness there. Remove them or we'll come after you. When I posted that reaction, I got only positive responses from people, who all had a hard time understanding Regal's reaction.
Apart from that you will find a new tube fly pattern: The Octopus and a ton of new videos.
Underway is an article about hackle pliers and a few patterns, which will be published as soon as I get them done.





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