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Allagash Al

American Beauty

Anson Special


Aunt Ider

Babb's Ghost

Ballou Special

Barred Grey Ghost

Baunab Bucktail

Bell's Special

B&W Johnson

Bob's Smelt

Butches Phantom

Canadian Killer

Careless Coachman

Champ's Special

Chief Johnson


Daisy Mae

Dick's Killer

Dr. Oatman

Dot Edson

Dr. Burke

Dusty Streamer

Earl's Grey Smelt


Family Secret

General Ike


Grey Smelt Bucktail

Grizzly King


Herb Johnson Special

Libby's Cal

Marabou Smelt

Massawippi Smelt

Manyard's Marvel

Melvin Bay

Miller's Special

Miss Julie

Moose River

Mrs. Dooley

Nimrod Bucktail

Old Guide Bucktail

Parmecene Belle

Parson Tom

Pink Lady

Rangely Promise

Red and White

Ripegenous Smelt


Roger Knight

Royal Coachman

Sanders Special

Scaled Shiner Streamer

Sheepscot Smelt

Silver Ghost

Silver Salmon

Songo Smelt

Spencer Bay

Sportsman's Say

Taps Tips Bucktail

Trout Fin Bucktail

Welch Rarebit

White Moth

Yellow Ghost

Yellow Marabou Special

York's Kennebago