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The village of Kalk Bay

Tigerfish in the process

Yellowfin Tuna closeup

Flying fish in hand



Potato bass

'Nymphing' Brown trout

Tuna duo

Chris Bladen working on a small statuette

Chris Bladen with a couple of clay originals

Bladen in the studio

Chris Bladen's studio

Giant kingfish

Mahi mahi




Chris Bladen with a bonefish

Chris Bladen with a (real) tarpon

The artist with a clanwilliam yellowfish

The artist with another magnificent catch

Chris with a Giant Trevally caught in the Seychelles

Triggerfish Caught in the Seychelles

Fish in the mold

A hot job - casting the bronze

A mold

After the cooling, ready to be removed from the mold

Bronze casting

Casts with the "runners" still on

Ceramic molds are placed in sand

Polishing a tuna

Painting the lifesize sailfish

A sketch

Giant kingfish

A clay original

A dolphin fish study

A humpback whale

Bronze of a trout nymphing

Chris Bladen with a tigerfish

Escaping flying fish

Korrie Broos - Chris Bladen - Nic Bladen - Edward Ffinch-Mitchell - Klaus Menck - Tim Babbich - K. Glenday