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Bottle vs. cylinder

The basic plastic tube fly

Lined plastic tube

Cotton swabs

Bidoz bottles

Fly Co. Morrum tubes

Eumer Solid Conehead Body tube

Fly Co. Shumakov Longrange tubes


Fly Co. Shumakov Summer tubes

Oracle Fly Tying bottle tubes

Rooney brass tubes

Rooney plastic tubes

Scierra River Bullets

Slipstream tubes

Eumer Body tubes with coneheads

Eumer Crayfish tube

Eumer fluorescent Teardrop tubes

Eumer short Body tubes with cones

Eumer Solid Conehead Body tube

Eumer Teardrop tubes

Fly Co deepwater tubes

Fly Co lowwater tubes

Fly Co US tubes

Fly Co clear tube

Fly Co clear tube with cones

Fly Co colored tube

Fly Co copper tube

Fly Co micro tube

Fly Co soft tube

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Cones and tubes on display

Tubez spoken here

Tubes explained

Colors, shapes and sizes


Purple Inkspot