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A large rainbow

Lukas with a nice Dolly Varden

Lukas with chrome!

On the mouse-popper

A brown trout from a glacial stream

Long cast on a mountain lake

Edelweiss – rare beauty

Mountain reflections


Book cover

Magazine spread

Magazine cover

Magazine cover

Magazine cover

Magazine spread

A rise

Spawning trout in clear water


Kamtchatka autumn colors

In the light

On the way to the water

Big char

Setting the hook


Sunshine cast

The bear in the flowers

Sunrise walk

Fish on

Crystal clean mountain morning

Delightful evening mood

Marble trout monster hunting rainbow trout

One day this will be a big fish

Portrait of a rainbow trout


Spawning sockeye salmon


Swimming away

The final phase

Underwater look

Fly-tying materials

The imitation and the natural

The Perfect and the flies

Lukas Bammatter - Matthias Bammatter - Phil Steffen