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The final result.

Stonfo basic vise

Imitation Regal vise

Different ways of clamping hooks


3D animation CAD drawing of the vise.

Drawing for the workshop

Some of the materials used

Carbon fibre strip for the replaceable jaws.

My small metal lathe.

My small milling machine.

My small woodturning lathe.

Starting the project

Aluminum and carbon fibre for the vise head.

Milling the twin parts for the tying head.

The recess for the jaws already made.

Making jaws from a carbon fiber strip.

The carbon fiber

Fitting the carbon fibre parts into the recesses.

A secure fit into the recess with no clearance.

Counter boring the holes

Ready to shape the parts

The shaped head with the rough jaws in it.

Making one of the clamping screws.

Finger grips

A finished clamping screw

Almost complete vise head

Close up of the fully shaped jaws.

The roughly shaped adapter

The shaped adapter

Making threaded holes in the adapter.

The recess for the plastic insert

Making the attachment part for the adapter.

Finished head parts

The horizontal shaft

The horizontal shaft

The vise head

Starting to turn the first wooden part

Close up of the wooden part

Wooden part is almost finished

First wooden part finished

The first pair of bearing bushings


Fitting the parts already made.

Missing some parts

The hand wheel and the crank parts.

The crank

The slots made for the O-ring bearing rings.

Making the vertical shaft

Taking shape

The plastic ring

Attaching the MDF

The zebrano blank

The recess

Reverse chucking of the blank

Shaping the bottom plate.

The finished bottom plate

Drilling holes in the counterweight plates

The counterweight plates

Turning the wooden handles

The handle almost done

The finished handle

The bottom plate

The hex-keys are glued

Most of the parts together.

Fitting and checking all the parts

Checking the jaws

Cleaning and polishing

Cleaned and polished

Protecting the wooden parts

Assembly of all the parts

Closeup of the vise head

A look at the hand wheel

The bottom plate

Clamping screws

The tube-fly adapter

The tube-fly adapter in the vise

The tube vise

The removed tying head

The final result