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Hutch's Pennell

Black Pennell wet

A lighter winged Black Pennell

Black Pennell sparsely dressed

Black Pennell spider

Hutch's Pennell

Hutch's Pennell Muddler

Dull Hutch's Pennell

Red Tag

Spring sensations

GP tippet

Start thread

Wrap tag

Prepare tippet

Tie in tail

Adjust tail length

Prepare wire

Tie in rib

Take thread forward

Prepare peacock herl

Tie in over hook shank

Take thread forward

Wrap herl

Tie off herl

Cut surplus

Rib over herl

Tie down ribbing wire

Break off wire tag

Select black hackle

Stroke back barbs

Tie in by the tip

Pull back tip and secure

Trim tip and start wrapping

Pull back barbs while wrapping

Secure the hackle

Clip stem and cover butts

Select a white hackle feather

Pull back barbs

Tie in and wrap as the black

Catch the stem with thread

Cut surplus and cover butts

Form a head and whip finish


Hutch's Pennell for sea run trout

Early spring fish on a Red Tag

Dull weather, clear water

Dull day, clear water