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Read the article Tom’s complete vise project here
The (almost) complete project.

The bobbin rest (cradle)

Base plate

Bearing hole for the bobbin rest

Rulon shaft

Adjustable wooden thread holder

Complete gallows construction

Gallows foot

Threaded hole for the clamping screw

Material removed for a better fit on the shaft

Little spring and hook at the gallows end

Detail of the foot

Wastebasket parts

Fabric inlay

The finished collapsible waste basket

Waste basket turning around the vertical shaft

Detail of the hinge mechanism

Waste basket turned away vertically

Old tools

New tools

Rotating hackle pliers

Rotating dubbing twister

Dubbing needle or bodkin

Bobbin threader

Non-rotating whip-finisher

Bobbin holder with Zebrano end plate

The foam grips and the disc drag system

Detail of the disc drag system

Made to fit my hand size

The desk lamp with the power bank

Detail of the foot of the lamp

Detail of the female connector

Standard female USB connector

The removable drying rack

Power bank

The brush

The shade

A wooden box

The box is lined

Nice felt covers